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Long forgotten paths....

Tuscany revealed will take you along over long-forgotten paths to the most beautiful undiscovered places to reveal specially for you hidden authentic Tuscan masterpieces.

As Tuscany has a lot to offer tourists, it has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy. However, if you don’t want to join a queue for one of the most visited sights or overcrowded museums in Florence or Pisa, but would like to be introduced to unknown Tuscany, make a right start by becoming a member of Tuscany Revealed.


To be introduced to unknown Tuscany

This website discloses a fascinating treasure trove of new cultural and historical facts about architecture, painting and sculptures of places not yet discovered by mass tourism. Splendid images, enlightening animations and short video documentaries as well as written text offer a lot of added value. With an eye for detail and quality,

Tuscany revealed explores reliable sources and produces her own features, commentaries, videos and hiking maps.


Tuscany revealed enlightens you

Written and narrated in your own language, Tuscany revealed takes you through a region where the echoes of history are all over the place, but the context not always clear.

Tuscany revealed enlightens you about the complex cultural historical development of Tuscan cities and makes the invisible relations between today and the past visible.


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Tuscany revealed is an independent medium not supported by any sponsors or advertisers. Hence no disturbing advertisements or unwanted banners on your screen. Access to the unique and curated content is an exclusively privilege for members of Tuscany revealed.

Your personal account is accessible from every tablet, PC or smartphone. Smart navigation shows you the right category, places of interest and short biographies. A dedicated search function helps you to find the correct information in seconds.


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Tuscany revealed guides you with interactive maps and hiking routes supported by Google maps to the special places that will remain hidden for others. Our free newsletter will keep you up-to-date about the latest Tuscan revelations!

Are you planning a trip, or are you just looking for objective and trustworthy information about cultural and historical facts of Tuscany?  Becoming a member of Tuscany revealed will be your first step.